Fireclay Glazed Thin Brick


As one of the oldest and most adored building materials, our range of Glazed Thin Brick lends its charm to various design styles and commercial spaces.

Classic yet contemporary, rustic yet refined, these hand-glazed bricks are produced for us by Fireclay Tile in their Aromas, California factory. Hand-mixed, lead-free glazes are kilned at over 1000 degrees celsius to create a durable, cleanable, and importantly for exterior spaces, a graffiti-resistant surface.

Our Glazed Brick is very well suited for commercial spaces and has been used many a time in restaurants, retail spaces, and grocery stores.

Despite being glazed, Brick still has a level of porosity that makes it unsuitable for installation in steam showers (regular shower walls are fine), shower floors, or pools. We also do not recommend it for commercial flooring but is acceptable for residential flooring applications.

Brick is the perfect choice for this hotel’s outdoor shower wall:

Brick Shown: Columbia Plateau and Great Plains // Design: Janice Camp // Photos: Andres Garcia Lachner

Available to order in over 30 lead-free glazes, you can have your pick between soft neutrals or more saturated hues:

Brick Shown: Allegheny + Lewis Range // Design: Young America Creative // Images: Lauren Edith Andersen

Our Fireclay Glazed Brick is also available in two sizes 2.5″ x 8″ (63.5mm x 203.2mm) & 2.5″ x 11.5″ (63.5mm x 292.1mm):


Our Brick can be used as a decorative finish on exterior facades,

Brick Shown: Ozark // Design: Fogarty Finger // Images: Alexander Severin


Brick Shown: Bitterroot blended with other custom colours created for the project // Design: David Baker Architects

Pro Tip: Exterior suitability is based on location and factors unique to your application. Check with us if your application is suitable for Glazed Thin Brick.


Trimming your Brick
Like your brick colour samples, the edges of the brick will not come finished in your order unless specified. The only trim option we currently offer with our Glazed Thin Brick is a glazed edge– either on the long, 8″ side of the brick, or the short. 2.5″ side:

Brick Shown: Lewis Range with Short Side Edge Glaze (note how the long edge of the brick is left raw and unfinished)

Long and short-edge glaze will be sold by the Linear metre and quantities should include overage (see below for more info on ordering overage).

Also, keep in mind that we have 90″ degree Brick corner pieces if you need to turn a corner in your project (minimum order quantities apply):

Brick Shown: A 90 Degree Corner Piece // Size Specs: 2.5″ W x 8″ L x 1/2″ T with a 3-9/16″ return

We can also make “Flat Corners” where the flat 2.5 x 8″ brick is glazed on it’s long AND short edge. Please make sure to specify if you need the right corner glazed or the left corner edge glaze. Orientation does matter!

Brick Shown: Glazed Edge Flat Corner in Lewis Range

Both the Flat Corners and 90 Degree Angle Corners will be sold by the piece and quantities should include overage.


Grout Space Matters
It’s the industry standard to include a 10mm grout space in the number of brick pieces per square metre. At the recommended 10mm install grout space, there are 66 pieces of Fireclay Glazed Thin Brick/square metre.

If you decide to install your bricks with a tighter grout space after purchase, you will run short on material. 


Surface Studio works exclusively with Fireclay Tile for the Australian market. We would be delighted to help you with your project requirements so feel free to touch base with any questions or sample requests.