Triangulo Azul

Talavera tiles are hand-painted ceramic tiles originating in Talavera de la Reina, Spain. They are now primarily made in Puebla, Mexico and are known for their vibrant colours and intricate patterns. Often featuring floral and geometric designs, Talavera tiles are made using traditional techniques and are fired at high temperatures to ensure durability. They are used for decorative purposes in homes, restaurants, and other buildings and are often incorporated into splashbacks, stair risers, and other surfaces.

At Surface Studio, our Talavera tiles are true handmade Mexican tiles and are authentically rustic in appearance. They are hand cut and hand-glazed, so they are not uniform in colour, calibration or square. Small chips and other minor imperfections are inherent in the handmade process. We recommend a minimum 5mm grout line when setting out.

Sizes (Nominal): 4″ x 4″

Other sizes are available to order

Application:SplashbacksStair RisersWall
Colour Range:Blues
Country Of Origin:Mexico