Slate Stone

Our Slate Stone series is available in sizes 3×6, 6×6 and large format 6×12. The product features an undulating surface, giving a hyper-realistic stone appearance and a notable highlight. Utilising a P4 Technical Matt finish allows designers to seamlessly incorporate a singular tile across internal and external spaces, making it suitable for walls and floors in residential and light commercial environments.

Crafted from rectified glazed porcelain, this range is obtainable in various colours, faithfully replicating the essence and texture of natural stone. By utilising the latest in nano-surface technology, this tile offers a high degree of slip resistance and a durable, tactile, low-maintenance finish.

The Slate Stone Series features rectified edges for the larger sizes, 6×6 and 6×12, to provide tighter joint spaces, with the 3×6 in cushion edge for a more natural stone look.



Colour Range:Neutrals
Country Of Origin:Spain
Edge Finish:PressedRectified
Sizes:300mm x 600mm600mm x 1200mm600mm x 600mm
Slip Rating:P4