Commercial Interiors That Elevate Your Brand Experience

By Ted Ryan & Michael Reid


At Surface Studio we have long believed the ethos that great commercial design is about telling a story. Now, more than ever, today’s leading brands understand the importance of using premium materials to create delightful experiences for their customers and teams. In a world of growing online telecommuting and e-commerce alternatives, the use of tactile and personal materials in the physical world elevates a brand experience in a way that only authentic finishes can.

No tile maker embodies authenticity and sustainability more than Fireclay Tile of California. Their environmental and design philosophies mirror our own, and as representatives of Fireclay Tile in Australia, we are dedicated to bringing these products to your projects.

We collaborate with like-minded companies to set the bar for exceptional experiences in various sectors such as retail, hospitality, housing, workspaces, transportation, and more. In this article, we have gathered a collection of commercial interiors across different industries to demonstrate how sustainable handmade tile can play a vital role in your brand’s narrative.

What are commercial interiors?

But first, let’s clarify what we mean by commercial interiors. These are the indoor spaces found in commercial buildings, including offices, retail stores, restaurants, hotels, manufacturing facilities, warehouses, schools, museums, hospitals, gyms, places of worship, and apartment complexes. They are designed to cater to the needs of the public, considering factors such as accessibility, durability, diversity, and compliance with specific laws and standards.

Now, let’s explore some inspiring examples of commercial interiors that successfully use sustainable handmade tile to enhance their brand experience.

  1. Grocery
Tile: Sierra Nevada Brick // Design: Studio One Eleven // Image: Fireclay Tile

Sierra Nevada Brick by Studio One Eleven was showcased at Erewhon Market, a luxury grocer in California. Their commitment to sustainable and local foods is complemented by the eco-friendly California-made tile adorning their interior.

  1. Coffee
Tile: Dust Storm 1×6 Sheeted, Magnetite 6×12, White Wash 2×6 // Design: YAC // Image: Sen Creative

Dust Storm 1×6 Sheeted, Magnetite 6×12, and White Wash 2×6 by YAC, featured in coffee shops like Verve Coffee Roasters. These B Corp Certified handmade tiles not only contribute to responsible supply chains but also create an uplifting atmosphere for customers to enjoy their coffee.

  1. Retail
Tile: Eucalyptus 1×4 Sheeted // Design: Joanna Harrison for Avocado // Image: Troy Nebeker

Eucalyptus 1×4 Sheeted by Joanna Harrison for Avocado, used by the sustainable and organic mattress brand. Avocado creates a soothing retail environment that matches the comfort and sustainability of their products.

  1. Restaurant
Tile: Cascade & Ozark Brick // Design: AECOM // Image: Wonho Lee Photography

Cascade & Ozark Brick by AECOM, displayed at Wolfgang Puck’s Merois in West Hollywood’s Pendry Hotel. The dreamy deco design and captivating ambience of this restaurant create an unforgettable dining experience.

  1. Bar
Tile: Blue Ridge Brick // Design: ISLYN STUDIO // Image: Read Mckendree

Blue Ridge Brick by ISLYN STUDIO, showcased in Albuquerque’s Paxton’s Taproom. This bar’s rustic yet refined interior sets the stage for patrons to enjoy their favourite beverages.

  1. Hotel
Tile: San Gabriel Norman Brick // Design: Maria Haidamus, Loczi Design // Image: R. Brad Knipstein

San Gabriel Norman Brick by Maria Haidamus, Loczi Design, featured at Sonoma’s Jordan Vineyard and Winery. The hotel rooms are designed to provide a world-class experience that feels like an aspirational home.

  1. Fast Casual
Tile: Columbia Plateau Brick // Design: Summer Williams // Image: Marc Mauldin

Columbia Plateau Brick by Summer Williams, seen at Blossom Hill BBQ & Burgers. As fast-casual dining options continue to flourish, this interior design offers guests a swanky and elevated casual dining experience.

  1. Office
Design: Shinji Murakami, Exposed Design Group // Image: Fireclay Tile

Salesforce, with custom tile mosaics by artist Shinji Murakami, designed by Exposed Design Group. The office spaces of Salesforce reflect the unique character of each campus location, creating an attractive and collaborative work environment.

  1. Transportation
Design: Laura Owens // Image: Tom Powel Imaging

Laura Owens’s design at New York’s LaGuardia Airport Terminal B. This spectacular custom tile mosaic captures the spirit of NYC, leaving a lasting impression on travellers.

  1. Museum
Tile: Spruce Gloss, Ember & Tusk 4″ Triangle // Design: 64North // Image: Jude Garcia

Spruce Gloss, Ember & Tusk 4″ Triangle by 64North, featured at LA Plaza Cocina in Los Angeles. The museum’s interior celebrates the vibrant culture of Mexican culinary traditions.

  1. Education
Tile: Sunflower 2×6 // Design: Hudson & Sterling // Image: Stylish Detroit

Sunflower 2×6 by Hudson & Sterling, used at Detriot Prep. This school prioritizes creating a fun, colourful, and inspiring learning environment to help children reach their full potential.

  1. Healthcare
Tile: Peacock, Blue Velvet, Mesa, Lichen, Neptune & Red Rock Scalene Triangle, Mesa & Neptune 1×6 Sheeted // Design: Erin Elizabeth Curtis, Sixth River // Image: Tre Dunham

Peacock, Blue Velvet, Mesa, Lichen, Neptune & Red Rock Scalene Triangle, Mesa & Neptune 1×6 Sheeted by Erin Elizabeth Curtis, Sixth River. Austin Skin impresses visitors with bold design, making every appointment a positive experience from the moment they enter.

  1. Senior Living
Tile: Columbia Plateau Brick // Design: StudioSix5 // Image: Michael Lowry

Columbia Plateau Brick by StudioSix5, featured at Hilltop Reserve. This senior care facility provides residents with an elegant and comfortable environment that enriches their final years.

  1. Manufacturing
Tile: Flycatcher Matte 2×12 // Design & Image: SIN

Flycatcher Matte 2×12 by SIN, showcased in SIN’s Brooklyn-based ceramic studio. SIN’s sustainable products, resistant to stains and water, are created in a space that reflects their mission-driven values.

  1. Housing
Tile: Bitterroot Brick // Design: Basile Studio // Image: Adrian Tiemens

Bitterroot Brick by Basile Studio, seen in San Diego’s Broadstone Makers Quarter luxury apartments. These communal spaces offer residents an exceptional living experience comparable to the best hotels in the city.

If you have a commercial project that requires tile, our Commercial Team is here to assist you. Reach out to us for design assistance, samples, estimates, and information on LEED credits, HPDs, EPDs, Life Cycle Assessments, and more. Let us help you create an outstanding brand experience through thoughtful and sustainable commercial interiors.